In a collaborative way, we seek and test new solutions with farming families to fight poverty and hunger, to preserve nature and respect human dignity.

The impact of our work is multiplied if other people and organisations can benefit from our learning, our mistakes and our successes. We are therefore happy to share the methods that have proved successful in our field work.

On the one hand, knowledge is shared at the local level, with the farming families we work with. We disseminate methods that have been tested and proven by Iles de Paix and other farmers. We organise “farmer to farmer” training, “experience exchange trips”, information dissemination through radio broadcasts, “knowledge fairs”, etc.

On the other hand, we share with other local and international organisations the knowledge we have acquired or that we come across on our way. In a constant search for improvement, we participate in seminars, conferences and workshops.

We publish the CAP Alternatives Paysannes series, a capitalization journal that systematizes and shares our experience on different topics and methodologies related to the agro-ecological transition.

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