Our Manifesto

Having adequate food is a right.

The right to adequate food as stated in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is at the core of Iles de Paix‘s movement.

Living off one’s land is a power.

Our mission is to collaborate with farmers and citizens in developing sustainable food systems, sources of autonomy, security and quality food products.

Solidarity is a power.

It is in working together that we can change things. That is why we promote collective action, solidarity and cooperation.

Each Ile de Paix (‘Island of Peace’) is a source of knowledge.

Each project provides an opportunity to understand a new ecosystem and to add to our knowledge of how to live in harmony with our world, wherever that might be.

Every piece of land has its own nature. Every earthling has his/her own culture.

Before we begin any project, we study its social and environmental context in order to respect the balance of people and ecosystems.  

Changing things here and there. Bit by bit, then everywhere.

Our action is local, targeted, and concrete. Each project is an additional step to everyone accessing their right to food.

A seed planted is worth more than a long speech.

“We do as we say, we say what we do”: this is our motto, rooted in action on the field and the will to be transparent.

Iles de Paix is you, me, her, him, them… in a word : us!

Farmers, volunteers, donors, partners, experts, politicians, educators… we are all part of a human chain linking Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Agroecology… to change of paradigm!

Change is needed in our fields, our cities and our plates in order to guarantee the right to food, family dignity and a preserved environment.

Resignation is not an option.

World hunger continues to increase. Climate disruptions are more frequent. Faced with these realities, we refuse to accept the status quo and choose to be involved in change.

Think globally… act locally.

The world is a village. We are in this together. Acting at the local level is a reflection of our involvement in global change.

Caring for the earth is vital.

We do not inherit planet earth for ourselves, and it is on loan from our children. It is vital to care for it for ourselves and for future generations!

Human dignity is the raison d’être of Iles de Paix.

Iles de Paix strives to create a world where all people can live in dignity and develop their potential; a world of solidarity that promotes human rights for all in a preserved environment.

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