Financial transparency

The NGO’s funds come from 100 % external sources: donations, endowments, business sponsors, and government grants. Whether  on a regular basis or during the annual campaign, thousands of citizens stands for our mission. That is why we have the greatest transparent accounting to deserve these votes of confidence.

The annual accounts are published in various media (activity report, website, etc.).

Sources of funding
Revenue in 2021
How are the resources of Iles de Paix used?
Expenditures in 2021
Audit and monitoring

In addition to transparency, Iles de Paix has taken on a further obligation. Its accounts undergo intensive internal and external audits.

By way of monthly reports from partners on the ground, the NGO insists on having strict accounting of expenses. The balance between expenses and programmed activities is verified continually throughout the year. At the same time, internal audits verify and validate the financial strategy put in place to carry out the programs each trimester.

Various external audits also exist: those conducted annually by various donors of public funds, as well as the Account Commissioner’s audit. From an interim audit and another one on the ground, the Commissioner can then certify the accounts unreservedly, having had complete access to the data during his final audit. Our accounts are then presented to the NGO General Assembly. This meticulous accounting procedure has two objectives: to better serve the NGO’s mission and to gain your trust.

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